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A fresh vision for our church.

On Victory Sunday we leaned forward to hear how God is leading us into the coming year....
what He is calling us to do now — together.

Is there something God want us to do above anything else?

And it's this: "Above anything else, love each other as if your life depends on it —
Love one another deeply, from the heart!"

(1 Peter 4:8; 1:22)

What else could change our lives, our relationships,
or our community more profoundly?

We reminded ourselves that there are three specific things that love does...

And we will be unpacking each of these three dimensions of love over the next year.

But we need your help!
Can we count YOU in?

If you didn't receive your Commitment Card,
we just happen to have one available for you...right below!

So please email “I'm in!” to us at to let us know.
(Don't forget to include your name!)

It is critically important for us to live this out...
our world depends on it!

There's a great harvest all around us,
so much so that there aren't enough workers to harvest it.
So on your knees;
ask the God of the Harvest to raise up and send out
workers to gather in His harvest.

LUKE 10:2

Bethany's 7th Annual Marriage Retreat is
April 8-10, 2016 (Friday evening through noon Sunday)
at the brand new, beautiful, serene Ayres Hotel & Spa, Mission Viejo.

Get your payment in ASAP to reserve your spot!
Click on the graphic below to learn how you can register,
and to find out more about this incredible event, our speakers and our venue!

It's now easier than ever to give online to support the work of the Lord through Bethany.

Simply click on the image below to make your charitable contribution safely and securely.

You may also want to consider automating your giving —
by making it a "recurring donation" instead of a "one-time donation" —
so that you can faithfully support our ongoing ministry even when you miss a service
or enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Thank you for helping us share God's love with our community and our world.


Join on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.
to enjoy God's presence,
hear God's Word,
sense God's heart,

and encourage (and be encouraged by) God's people...
so we can do God's work
in our day-to-day lives!


"People are anxious to improve their circumstances,
but are unwilling to improve themselves;
they therefore remain bound."

But we think you are unique;
that you are interested in improving yourself,
and wanting to grow as a person.

So we would love to have you join us on Wednesday nights
to learn more about growing as a person,
and in your relationship with God.

We just launched our Spring session!
Why not check us out next Wednesday night?

Click on the graphic below for more info.

Discover how God has "shaped" you to make a difference in this world!

We'd love to help you discover how you can!

Discovering My Ministry (S.H.A.P.E.)

Isaiah 64:8 (LB) says, "…O Lord…we are the clay and you are the Potter.
We are all formed by your hand."

The Bible says that God has been molding and shaping you
for ministry and service since before you were born!

We hope you'll discover that your life and ministry and even career
will be most effective and fulfilling when you are living in a way
that is aligned with your S.H.A.P.E.
that is, when you are using your Spiritual gifts…
in the area of your Heart's desire…
in keeping with your Abilities, talents and skills…
in a way that best expresses your Personality
and reflects your life Experiences!

Discover how God has "shaped" you to make a difference in this world!


Click here to download our "Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts" Survey
that you can take at your leisure
and join the dozens of people at Bethany
who have discovered how God shaped them to serve!

Click here to download the "Monitoring Your Heart" assessment.

Click here to download the "Assessing Your Abilities" worksheets.

Click here to download the "Plugging in Your Personality" assessment.

Click here to download the "Evaluating Your Experiences" assessment.

Click here to download your "Ministry Profile (S.H.A.P.E.)"
so you can record your overall findings
on how God SHAPE'd you for ministry!

Every January Bethany celebrates the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
as we aim to "Start the New Year Without the Burden of Malice in Your Heart."

His words, deeply and profoundly shaped by Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. are worth reflecting on.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: "

Click on the graphic for a celebration of the life and ministry of a hero in the life of our Senior Pastor,
Pastor Doug's father, Dr. Ralph L. Wilson.

A tribute to Dr. Ralph L. Wilson

Invest in your child's future joy and success!
Our incredible school hits the papers!
Did you see our recent full-page ad in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune,
Pasadena Star-News
and Whittier Daily News!

(Or click on the graphic for a full-size copy.)

A followup resource from last year's series of messages on gratitude:
Recent scientific research has documented that the habit of expressing gratitude can give you more energy, deeper joy, decreased illness, and greater determination! Modern scientific evidence is verifying that the ancient habit of gratefulness commended to us over two thousand years ago in God's Word produces an enormous amount of positive benefits in our lives. Grateful people are less depressive, envious and anxious; they demonstrate clearer thinking, better resilience during tough times, higher immune response, less likelihood of being plagued by stress, longer lives and closer family ties. As one writer summarized these benefits, "along with thinner thighs and six-pack abs, this is a fairly comprehensive list of what most of us would wish for in life"!

One of the documented methods for increasing your level of gratitude is through the keeping of a "Gratitude Journal" -- through simply taking a few minutes every day to write down three things that happened that day for which you are grateful. Click on the picture below to download a pdf of a Gratitude Journal for your own use.

We reached our "Capture the Vision" goal
to build new buildings for the Junior High students at our K-8th school,
West Covina Christian School!

Click on the graphic below to see how gracious God has been,
and how generous you have been -
with your volunteer hours, your donations of materials,
your prayers, and your financial support -
even during tough economic times!

Thank you for donating so much money . . . in such a short amount of time!
It's amazing to see what God has done!

We passed
$268,000 in giving! Incredible!
Your generosity has been amazing!

Click here for our latest CTV update, or
click the graphic below for photos of the final product...
and of God's extraordinary grace to us through your generous giving!

Are you looking for a great school for your children?

West Covina Christian School,
a ministry of Bethany Church,
offers an outstanding - and affordable - educational experience
for preschool, kindergarden through eighth grade students.

Come visit us . . . we would love to get to know you!

The Refuge

Bethany - A Place of New Beginnings
763 N. Sunset Avenue (at Badillo)
West Covina, CA 91790-1298


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